15 and 19 dating

all you can do is explain to your son the consequences of having a "sexual" relationship with a minor.

in CA, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to consent to sex.

ETA: The fact that he is 19 years of age makes him an adult.

He has every right to tell you to stay out of his business.

Let him clean his own laundry, make his own meal, offer no finanacial assistance to him whatsoever... I do agree that he can start paying his own way, and start taking adult responsibilities.When taking a stand for "turf rights" the kids will always take with reckless abandon. I'm just saying that it makes we wonder why he's interested in a child.All you can do is teach him that it's an adult world now.... I think all you can do is inform him of the consequences and let him know in no uncertain terms that they will be his consequences and not yours... When I was 14, I was still playing with Barbie dolls. He had experiences and expectations that I could not even comprehend at that age. She can't possibly relate to what his life is like outside of her.If that doesn't stop him take his phone, car keys, and computer.If he wants to be an adult he needs to start thinking about the consequences of his actions like an adult does.truckinbabe...it's in both of their best interests to keep them away from each other during that short period of time.tring to keep kid's away from each other,is the wrong thing to do...i understand u want to keep them safe.they don't i was 16 my ex 21 and no matter what my parents said and did i wanted him more because they said no.really it made matters worse.more they said no the more i ran to him...i believe if my parents just said what they had to say and left it alone i would of not been so quick to disobey my parent's teens are wild and do thing a little crazy What complications do you see exactly? What ethical choices should be made to not ruin his future at a young age? And to whoever posted about calling the cops, just know the age of consent laws for your region. The only I can do as a parent is make sure I have taught them well, and hope for the best they make the correct decision.

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