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One of the problems is the confusing and contradictory way that cams are advertised and the way the specifications are listed.

We ask lots of questions to get you the best cam for your application - help us help you with good answers.

The M6 Heavy Assault Tank was a prototypical tank built in WWII.

It was a designed on the base chassis of the failed T1 Heavy tank.

Many variables determine the rpm range and torque curve –the “powerband” of an engine, including cubic inch displacement, cylinder head characteristics, intake manifold, camshaft specifications and others.

Note that larger displacement engines require more duration than smaller ones because they require more air/fuel mixture to fill their larger displacement cylinders.

In situations where you can't check these dimensions we suggest you check your cylinder cranking pressure.

In order to get this number, remove all 8 spark plugs. be sure your battery is fully charged and stays fully charged (keep a charge hooked to it).

Whenusing aluminum heads aim for 195 psi cylinder pressure.Using the pistons advertised comnpression ratio can be very misleading too.The compression ratio is a function of cylinder head volume in c.c's, ("stock" can vary 6 to 8 c.c.'s) deck height, gasket thickness and piston deck height.Compression Ratio: The true "measured" compression ratio is a very important fact in determining which camshaft is best for your combination."Stock" copression in a Mopar can run from 7.5:1 to 10.5:1, so, using "stock" is a good way to make a bad mistake.However, in order to achieve this temperature, it is absolutely necessary to have good cooling efficiency and a low temperature thermostat.

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